The two of them are eager and excited to share their products with the world so that others may experience the benefits of Pucks

Matt and Brandon’s paths crossed at a young age when Matt’s family moved in across the street from Brandon. They quickly became close friends and grew up like brothers, practically living at each other’s houses and constantly crashing family dinners. They spent their childhood playing in the backdrop of Santa Barbara, a city known for its incredible beaches, outdoor lifestyle, and amazing food. They bonded over their love of food and by junior high, both Matt and Brandon carried excess weight, greatly impacting their self confidence.

They turned to exercise as an outlet and quickly developed a passion for their respective sports.  Matt became an avid tennis player while Brandon pursued rugby. The confidence that comes with mastering a sport, winning tournaments, and leading their teams through wins and losses spilled over into all aspects of their lives. Tennis and rugby taught them virtues of fairness, respect, sportsmanship, leadership and cooperation towards a shared goal that has served them well on and off the field. Matt and Brandon were transformed by athletics. Their confidence in themselves and their futures skyrocketed as a result.

College brought them to new cities, though they still remained connected and would follow parallel paths. Matt was recruited to play Division I Tennis at the University of Washington, where he led his team to many victories and also proved he was more than “just an athlete.” He excelled in his studies of business and developed an affinity for finance. Brandon decided to attend California State University at Chico where he played Division I Rugby as a Lock. During his time at Chico, Brandon discovered his passion for exercise physiology and upon graduation, went on to receive his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine with an emphasis in Sports Medicine from The Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Their journey in competitive sports soon came to an end as their careers took off. One thing that remained the same, however, was that they both continued to prioritize living an active lifestyle. Over time and with new demands at work, they began to notice that it was progressively harder to sustain high energy levels and pain free bodies. This made after-work hikes and trips to the gym more unattainable.

They searched the supplement market for healthy solutions that could boost their workouts and aid in muscle recovery. After extensive searching they were unable to find a product line that could support both their health and fitness goals. The industry is saturated with formulas that contain excessive amounts of toxins in conjunction with “proprietary blends” which are full of unknown additives. These supplements were too extreme and prioritized increased margins over health and wellness. Brandon and Matt began to discuss creating an alternative. They envisioned an all natural product line using only a few simple ingredients. Something specifically designed to prepare individuals for both pre and post active endeavors. While many products on the market left them feeling jittery and itchy or just simply underwhelmed, these new products would promote sustained pre active energy and ameliorate post active aches and pains. After countless attempts, the Pucks formulas came to fruition. They developed the perfect supplements to help elevate active lifestyles while maintaining a natural health conscious approach. The two of them are eager and excited to share their products with the world so that others may experience the benefits of Pucks.